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As different from many other cities in Latvia, Valmiera is filled with students
A summery walk along the Gauja involved an interview with the hero of the rubric “My place in Valmiera” Arnis Cīrulis...

As different from many other cities in Latvia, Valmiera is filled with students

News created - 03.06.2017

A summery walk along the Gauja involved an interview with the hero of the rubric “My place in Valmiera” Arnis Cīrulis, Associated Professor at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. Having spent his study years in Riga now he calls himself a real inhabitant of Valmiera. He lectures the courses “Virtual and augmented reality technologies”, “Global network projecting and administration”, “Data transfer networks” and “Linux server administration”. As his favourite place he names the part of the Gauja bank from Sīmanēni holy oak to Steep Banks.

-What is your favourite place in Valmiera?

A: Presently I quite often at least try to be in the distance between the Sīmanēni holy oak and the Gauja Steep banks. There are waters and forests, small hills, so I am used to running, skiing and cycling here, which is quite important for me to do in my daily life, and Valmiera offers such opportunities.

-What differs Valmiera from other cities in Latvia?

A: Valmiera is small and green, but as different from many other cities in Latvia, it is filled with students. All Valmiera may be considered as a students’ city, with the University buildings and hostels located all around the city creating that special aura.

-How did you come to University of Applied Sciences?

A: My passion for information technologies started already at secondary school. If I still had such a passion and ardour as at secondary school, I could move still bigger mountains. That time took from morning till evening, I knew everything by hear, but now it has already become routine and it would be hard to surprise me with something in this sphere.  I graduated computer sciences at Latvia University, and already at Master’s course I know it was enough with Riga for me. But the way to Valmiera is quite long and romantic, it would more suit the “Private Life” readers [laughing]. To cut the long story short – I got married. But it was not that I was forced to come here, I really like Valmiera, and everything played right in the life. I got to Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences when my girlfriend worked there and I was asked for a talk on September 1. The administration knew what I had graduated and initially offered a computer specialist’s job, and gradually it came to what I am now.

-To what do you pay most attention during your daily working routine?

A: There are a lot of work duties and it is easy to become a workaholc as the runs fast at the computer, in lectures and, honestly, I pay much attention to not working so much. I try to live by the principle “sound mind in a sound body” and if I have been sitting at the computer for a month, dug myself in work, then it is no good, I don’t feel myself.

-Do you have a special method that helps to pull yourself together in complicated situations? What is it?

A: I cannot imagine a hard situation. What once seamed hard, seams easy now, be it participating in serious meeting or standing in front of audience. Simply I do planning, I have a calendar with tasks and appointments, everything scheduled, planned, so that I am ready also for those unpleasant cases of having something sudden, which I don’t like, then I am able to say “no, I’m not coming” – I need to be told timely. Everything lies in planning!

-What inspires and motivates you?

A: The work itself at University, the diversity, the opprtunities that open by working and doing – the more you work and do, the more you have not work, but opportunities [laughing], and you must be able to choose what to refuse. I have not felt a routine that could depress me. I feel inspired and free at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.

-What is your most current actuality at the moment?

A: At the moment, what is at the moment? It is time of submitting Final Projects, examinations, study debtors, and it all must be covered. Because parallel to that I’m going on a lecturing visit tu Azerbaijan and also train for three mountaineering expeditions in summer. This year all of them are in Caucasus.

-What is the taste of Valmiera?

A: If honestly, for the first time I heard the word Valmiera in my childhood, reading the title – “Valmiera mineral water”; it was back in the soviet time, if you didn’t have money enough to buy “Tarhun”, then you bought “Valmiera mineral water” [laughing]. Children didn’t much like its taste [laughing]. Living here, I encountered blood-sausage with mint, although in my childhood my mother used to make sausages, it never occurred to add mint.


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